Electronics and Accessories
Electronics and Accessories

When we started fulfilling electronics orders, we quickly learned that delivering cutting edge technology is one of the most time sensitive industries you can be a part of. As new software and hardware is released, there are spikes in demand that must be met efficiently and accurately in order to compete in this industry. Some items need to be shrink-wrapped, bubble-wrapped and carefully packaged and Drop360 can handle it all.

Our warehouse staff has assembled thousands of media packages of all shapes and sizes and you can trust that your items will be accurately pick, packed and shipped!

5 Ways Local Shipping Benefits your Canadian Customers

  1. Eliminate costly shipping fees, duties and taxes
  2. Avoid customs clearance charges and delays
  3. Drastically reduce shipping time
  4. Provide an environmentally conscious alternative
  5. Enable customers to order and receive products from a trusted member of their own community

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Automate your shipping procedures with a reliable third-party fulfillment center to lower costs and increase profits!


Grow your business by reaching online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Let Drop360 deal with packaging and shipping your products!

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Find answers to all of your questions about Canadian and international shipping, warehousing and delivery within Canada and worldwide.

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