Toy and Novelty Items
Toys and Novelty Items

The Toy and Novelty Item industry is thriving with gamers and hobbyists all year and peaks during gift-giving seasons like no other industry! Keeping up with demand takes reliable and punctual delivery services as well as great attention to detail when it comes to packaging. Toys and gift items often need custom packaging, especially during high seasons when promotional items and samples accompany regular orders. We specialize in picking, packing and processing complex orders so you can trust that your customers will receive exactly what they ordered and on time.

With an order fulfillment company like Drop360, you can guarantee fast and accurate delivery as well as provide a returns policy that will satisfy your customers, without worrying about the high season stress.

5 Ways Local Shipping Benefits your Canadian Customers

  1. Eliminate costly shipping fees, duties and taxes
  2. Avoid customs clearance charges and delays
  3. Drastically reduce shipping time
  4. Provide an environmentally conscious alternative
  5. Enable customers to order and receive products from a trusted member of their own community

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Automate your shipping procedures with a reliable third-party fulfillment center to lower costs and increase profits!


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