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Order Fulfillment vs. Drop Shipping

There can be some confusion between the use and understanding of the terms ‘order fulfillment’ and ‘drop shipping’. While they can sometimes be used interchangeably between knowledgeable parties, their meanings in normal conversation are quite different.

Order Fulfillment

Technically speaking, order fulfillment refers to the physical packaging and shipping of a particular item or items. With Drop360, you can outsource this aspect of your business to a team of professionals, which can start saving you time and money immediately. You ship your inventory to Drop360’s warehouse, where its team will take care of picking, packing and shipping your orders directly to your customers.

Drop Shipping

While what Drop360 does can technically be referred to as ‘drop shipping’, traditional drop shippers are understood to be companies which offer their own stock for sale, and will ship it to your clients after you make the sale. They will not accept to hold and ship your inventory. This is not what Drop360 does.

Please refer to our Glossary of Order Fulfillment Terms for more information, or contact us with any question you may have.


5 Ways Local Shipping Benefits your Canadian Customers

  1. Eliminate costly shipping fees, duties and taxes
  2. Avoid customs clearance charges and delays
  3. Drastically reduce shipping time
  4. Provide an environmentally conscious alternative
  5. Enable customers to order and receive products from a trusted member of their own community

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